After years of debates in the community, SphereServer is now open source!

As some of you already knew, the repository had been recently moved to Github, and now it's available to all.
The server repository can be found here:
The scripts repository here:


Some weeks ago the MySQL client used on Sphere 0.56c got updated from version 4.1.18 to 6.1.6.
All MySQL functions on sphere stay exactly the same as always, but now running on a much more improved code, because the old version was released on 2006 (9 years ago) and now we're using the latest 2015 release.

Sphere requires the libMySQL.dll file to enable MySQL functions, and this file also got updated.
So to keep everything working fine and without errors, we highly recommend update this file to the latest version avaible on the nightlies page:

EDIT: Regular links are available again in

Long time without any news, but I'm here again...
Latest nightly build 2290 (21 may 2015) got a huge improvement on the following internal code:
  • Skills
  • Walk
  • General ticks (status regen, timer updates, NPC AI, ...)
These codes must run million of times per day, since all players/NPCs are walking, using skills and running background general ticks at every second. But now we got an optimized code, resulting in a faster performance overall.

Of course servers with light wordsave, few players/NPCs or running on a high performance CPU won't notice any significant changes on performance, but this can be useful when we got a heavy worldsave, many players/NPCs or a low performance CPU.

These changes are already live on nightly builds, and as always, feel free to report it on BugTracker if something goes wrong.

As promised, I'm bringing good news to everyone Smile
With some users feedback, I made a huge optimization on sphere internal damage/armor calculations. This means: the code is now lightweight, faster, and support some new features.

If someone want use new features, just enable it and they will be ready to use.
And if someone want keep using old calculations, they still avaible and fully working too.

  • COMBAT_SPECIALDAMAGE and COMBAT_USE_RESISTANCE settings on sphere.ini are now a single COMBAT_ELEMENTAL_ENGINE which does the same thing (but now unified)
  • COMBAT_ELEMENTAL_ENGINE now totally overrides old AR calculations with new AOS damage/resist types instead use both at the same time. If you want the new AOS engine just enable this, otherwise keep it disabled to use the old pre-AOS engine (AR)
  • The old AR was doing a wrong calculation for years and now it's fixed (calculation details explained below)
  • Char damage is now calculated using correct formulas. If unarmed (wrestling) the base damage will be the char DAM (default is 1-4 for all players, but it can be customizable, just make sure that your c_man/c_woman/c_elf_male/etc chardefs has proper DAM set), and using weapons the base damage will be the weapon damage. This base damage can be increased with some bonuses (if COMBAT_OSIDAMAGEMOD it will use OSI bonus calculation, otherwise it will use sphere default bonus [STR/10]).
  • On AOS+ clients, the char status menu now will show exactly the damage range that the char can deal (including all bonuses)
  • New blood effects

Removed features (as discussed here):
  • COMBAT_TARGETTEDHIT setting on sphere.ini. Previously it was used to set a hit prefference and make the char hit this body location. The internal code got removed to make the general code more lightweight, and if someone still using this feature, it can be softcoded on scripts without problems.
  • All "hit location" messages on sphere_msgs.scp. They are just tons of random messages without any real functionality.
  • Old [Physical/Fire/Cold/Poison/Energy]Damage properties got removed and replaced with the new DAM[Physical/Fire/Cold/Poison/Energy], which is compatible with COMBAT_ELEMENTAL_ENGINE and works using correct calculations.

These changes will be live on next nightly (30/01/15), I recommend everyone make some tests before use it on live servers, and also update your sphere.ini (CombatFlags list) and sphere_msgs.scp (just remove all combat_hit_* messages)

Feel free to test it and make any suggestion

More info about elemental engine (AOS) x old AR engine (pre-AOS):